Special Wagyu-Dog shop opened in Fushimi-Inari!!

Wagyu-Dog is made with time and effort.

Which would you like to choose!?
Our shop "Wagyuuu" serve two kind of sauce. For that reasen, we often see customers that they can't decide which one to choose😲
We hope you enjoy all the flavors. I will introduce our shop "Wagyuuu".
--- Wagyu-Dog ---
Wagyu-Dog are seasoned mainly with salt and original spices. For the reason, You can feel a sense of spice firmly while being as it is!!

Bulgogi-Dog is seasoned with original sweet sauce.
It will increases appetite, Everyone eats it all soon. Especially popular among women.
Original sweet sauce and Mayonnaise and Red pepper. Please enjoy the Wagyu Dog!!

Difference between "Wagyu" and "Japanese domestic beef"

the term wagyu means Japanese beef cattle, referring to purebreds of four unique breeds:
"Japanese Black", "Japanese Brown", "Japanese Shorthorn", "Japanese Polled"

On the other hand, When imported cattle are breeded for 3 months in Japan they will be called "japanese domestic beef".

In other words, if the above conditions are satisfied, any country's cattle can be called japanese domestic cattle.

There are quite a lot of people thinking "Japanese beef" is Japanese cattle.

The meat used in our shop is 100% "Wagyu".

Please enjoy the taste of Wagyu beef.


Kujonegi Dog 750yen

"Kujo negi" refers to a kind of long green onion (leek) representing Japan.

Wagyu Dog 600yen

It is a barbecue shop that uses wagyu beef in luxury.

Bulgogi Dog 600yen

Sweet sauce and beef collabo.

Big Hot Dog 500yen

Special luxury dog with big wiener.

Bulgogi Dog widh cheese 700yen

Cheese complements the taste of Wagyu beef more.

Wagyu Dog with basil sauce 700yen

Japanese beef and basil are excellent compatibility.

Wagyu fillet steak rice bowl 1000yen

It is a recommended rice dish which used wagyu beef in luxury.

Wagyu rice bowl 1200yen

It was born from the customer 's voice that she wanted to enjoy Japanese beef with rice.

Have you ever ate the ultimate meat bread?




ADDRESS:〒612-0012 12-2 Ichinotsubo-cho, Fukakusa, Fuchimi-ku, Kyotoshi, Kyoto
TEL:+81 75-632-9692
OPEN:09:00~18:00 ACCESS:1min from JR Inari sta. / 2min from Keihan Fushimi-Inari sta.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any inquiry.